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Safe Automation in the Process Industry – 8 hr short-course

with Eloise Roche

Next session: October 13th, 2022

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Audience: Process engineering, process automation, and process safety personnel

Description: Safe Automation in the Process industry is an 8-hour course designed to orient attendees to the principles of safe automation, including the practices and terminology used in the design and implementation of instrumented safeguards. Experienced personnel can also benefit from awareness of more recent developments in safe automation terminology, updated standards, and techniques on sharing these concepts with newer employees.  

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Safety Instrumented System Lifecycle Management – 24 hr short-course

with Angela Summers

Next session: November 8th to 10th, 2022

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Audience: Control system specialists, instrumentation and electrical personnel, and SIS design specialists, who want to prepare for TÜV certification

Description: This 3-day course explains how hazards and risk analysis methods are used to identify the need for risk reduction from administrative and engineered safeguards. When a safety instrumented system (SIS) is required, the assigned risk reduction must be demonstrated through proof of compliance to the requirements of the international standard, IEC 61511. This standard establishes lifecycle requirements for designing and managing SISs to achieve order of magnitude ranges of risk reduction known as safety integrity levers (SIL) 1-4.  The course supplements IEC 61511 requirements with additional guidance from other industry publications.

The course is designed to provide the attendee with an understanding of the functional safety management system, how to perform the hazards and risk analysis to identify the need for an SIS and to assign the SIL, how to design the SIS to meet the specified SIL, how to verify that the SIL is achieved, and how to develop an operating plan to maintain the SIL throughout the SIS life.