SIS-TECH has been manufacturing products since the early 2000s. Our products have a proven track record of highly reliable performance in worldwide installations. Our products are designed by people who will use them, so they are practical, easy to use, and cost effective.


  • "Thank you to AD Arnold, Mike McDermott, Cristobal Acosta and Manuel Cantu for their excellent job during the SIS Loops Testing and Site Acceptance Test."

    - Glenn Johnson, Project Manager
  • "A great technical forum that provided new learning’s, an exchange of established practices and procedures and the introduction of new teammates. These opportunities can only help to drive forward good engineering practice for the management of safety instrumented systems."

    - Justin Ogleby
  • "Outstanding effort in completing the SIF-ALK-002 PA SIS coach reviews in a very tight schedule, stepping out of his comfort zone as required, and assisting the PA team members to fulfill all the requirements for the final approval when the circumstances arose. Awesome work, indeed!"

  • “Thank you to Magda Moreno for her excellent job on the SRS, Start-up Sequence Narrative, Logic Flow Charts, CAPE Simulation, FAT/SAT procedures and Proof Test procedures.”

    - Glenn Johnson, Project Manager
  • “I would like to recognize and extend the congratulation to the team involved in the project. Each and everyone on the team contributed to this great success.”

    - Glenn Johnson, Project Manager
  • “Thanks for your continued involvement and diligence on PBOP Hazops. I don’t know what the PBOP Project would do if we did not have you involved… So, the project and I truly appreciate your personal effort – the project’s success and future safety are in large part due to your involvement. Thanks again!”

    - John A. Sedlar, PE
  • “Bill Hearn and SIS-TECH worked seamlessly with Brookhaven National Laboratory to provide a clear, concise safety integrity analysis of the proposed NSLS-II protection designs, including suggesting a modification that increased the design final effectiveness by more than 10X at low cost. I would use Bill for the next study that our facility requires.”

    - Scott Buda
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed the SIL Verification class this past week. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to provide this instruction. I found it extremely valuable.”

    - Patrick W. Uresti, P.E.
  • “I really appreciate all the time and effort that went into getting this SIS project completed on time. We had a tight schedule to start with, and then it was made even tighter … I am very happy that you and the others in your company that worked on this project were able to come through for us.”

    - Michelle Hancock