Reliability and Continuous Improvement

The proper application of reliability engineering principles, across the life cycle, are the keys to continuous improvement in both facility safety and operating efficiency contributing to an overall competitive advantage. Reliability and continuous improvement is not just a program it is a journey in building a culture. You will get better at it as time goes on, success will build on success.

Reliability and Continuous Improvement require a documentation and data management process which can take properly classify failure data (e.g. systematic, random, failure mode, etc.) then turn it into relevant information on which to base an appropriate improvement action. This information is used to ensure compliance to ANSA/ISA 84.00.01-2004 clause which implies that facility owners, after a period of time, must verify system performance based on actual historical data.

SIS-TECH has the industry experience to deliver and implement the reliability improvement process including procedures and training. SIS-TECH can work with the facility maintenance and operations leadership to ensure the maintenance, reliability and operations personnel understand the importance of the proper reliability data capture and follow-up action..

Call SIS-TECH for assistance with any of the following:

Disaster Recovery

Should the unthinkable occur at your operating facility, e.g., flooding or wind damage from hurricane, do you have the process in place to check, verify, repair/replace instrumentation and control equipment to get your facility back in safe reliable operation in the shortest time possible? Using aspects of all aforementioned, SIS-TECH can build a recovery plan based on equipment criticality and resource availability, e.g., documentation availability/protection, spares storage, supplier support, etc. SIS-TECH will deliver the plan, the process and the training necessary to ensure negative impact is minimized should the unthinkable occur. We will assist you in performing annual readiness assessments and drills to guard against complacency.

Improvement Recommendations and Planning

Once the data analysis is complete and provides the necessary information showing where a definite improvement opportunity exists, a project plan needs to needs to be developed to fixed the problem permanently and sustain the long term benefits. SIS-TECH has the proven project management experience to develop the plan for incorporating the reliability improvement as part of the next scheduled plant turn around or facility modification.

Data Analysis

Data analysis and categorization provide the fuel to power continuous improvement. SIS-TECH has the industry experienced personnel to coordinate or lead all aspects of data analysis. Data analysis and categorization tools can include many aspects ranging the use of a simple Pareto chart, to leading a Root Cause Investigation, to performing Fault Tree Analysis. The intent of data analysis is not to address a symptom but to document the true root of the problem thus eliminating it and it’s associated costs permanently.

Facility Reliability Assessments including CHAZOP

SIS-TECH has the industry experienced personnel capable of leading plant reliability assessments including “Computer HAZOP” or CHAZOP. Coupling the use of maintenance histories and field inspections of field sensors/final elements along with data available in the process control historian opportunities can eliminate unnecessary and non-values added maintenance spending on instrumentation but also identify minor technology improvements which can improve plant yield, energy efficiency and product quality.

Lifecycle Documentation Management Software

SIS-TECH has developed life cycle documentation management software which can help ensure documentation change management and capture of equipment inspection and test results. Reliability data contained within the software program will be capable of being sanitized and anonymously shared with the Center for Chemical Process Safety Process Equipment Reliability Database (CCPS/PERD).

Reliability and Mechanical Integrity

Reliability improvement and long term sustainability require the ability to consistently capture, categorize and analyze the data for follow-up action. SIS-TECH has a concise process which defines all the roles involved with their specific responsibilities. The process also addresses such aspects as the data fields which need to be transferred from the engineering database to the maintenance management system. Within the maintenance work process, SIS-TECH can provide simplified data capture templates and software to capture and categorize failures found and repairs made during inspection and testing. This data will be used to identify permanent improvements, e.g. the elimination of “bad actors” contributing to high levels of maintenance spending and process inefficiencies.