Congratulations Pat Skweres!

Recognition of Achievement:

“Phase 1 of the LEN Migration Pilot (Project Voyager) was executed successfully and Engineering Solutions support contributed to this accomplishment. I, with support from the Migration Program, would like to recognize Pat for his efforts with Project Voyager.”

Dave Fritz
Polyurethane Projects
Engineering Solutions

Dow Chemical Company

To: Kevin Neal


Thanks for the great work in supporting our clients!

Frank Kothbauer
The Dow Chemical Company
North America Contract Services, PA/PS

Dow Chemical Company

To: Kevin Neal

Kevin, thank you for providing strong, unwavering support to our client. Your hard work and collaborative efforts are definitely applauded.

Shalonda H. Walker
NA SIS Implementation Team Leader & Work Director / Instrument SIS Coach
Engineering Solutions
The Dow Chemical Company
Bldg. 3305, Office 15


To:  Kevin Neal
RE: Recognition Award – Contributions to LOPA-LPP Gap Closure Projects

On behalf of the LOPA-LPP Gap Closure Project Team & Leadership, I wanted to extend a sincere thanks for your contribution and resilience to help us execute a successful project.

You were very helpful and instructive to the Man Rep throughout the SRS form process.  In retrospect, it would have been better for The Man Rep to have more SRS/SIS training prior to the project however you stood tall to assist the team and identified areas to address in order to achieve success.  Although it was a painful process, you helped to fill that training void.  You made yourself available to Man Rep for impromptu meetings many times to clarify SRS type information/requirements.  You were very thorough in your SRS forms and LOPA workbook reviews.   Thank you Kevin.

Michael Cummings, PE
Project Manager
SCO Bldg 631/Rm.210

Dow Chemical Company

Eloy Villarreal has been an asset to maintaining the reliability and compliance, …[he] is very knowledgeable and methodical in his approach to testing…his efforts are greatly appreciated.

Dow Chemical

Dow Chemical Company

Juan Villasenor played a pivotal role in conduction the interlock testing in a safe and efficient manner…he has been a welcome asset here.

Dow Chemical Co.

VALERO - Port Arthur Refinery

“Thank you to AD Arnold, Mike McDermott, Cristobal Acosta and Manuel Cantu for their excellent job during the SIS Loops Testing and Site Acceptance Test.”

Glenn Johnson, Project Manager

Valero - Port Arthur Refinery

“Thank you to Magda Moreno for her excellent job on the SRS, Start-up Sequence Narrative, Logic Flow Charts, CAPE Simulation, FAT/SAT procedures and Proof Test procedures.”

Glenn Johnson, Project Manager

Valero - Port Arthur Refinery

“I would like to recognize and extend the congratulation to the team involved in the project. Each and everyone on the team contributed to this great success.”


Glenn Johnson, Project Manager




Thanks for your continued involvement and diligence on PBOP Hazops. I don’t know what the PBOP Project would do if we did not have you involved…  So, the project and I truly appreciate your personal effort – the project’s success and future safety are in large part due to your involvement.

Thanks again!


John A. Sedlar, PE
Engineering Manager, Pascagoula Base Oil Project (PBOP)

The Dow Chemical Company


I’ve worked with Don (Overton) for roughly 2 years in my current role.  He has been very involved with our projects to re-validate our LOPA and come into compliance with LPP 15.2 and 15.4.  He was the SIS Instrument Coach that did the field audit during the evaluation and has been involved in evaluating and specifying proper instrumentation for us to get into compliance.

He is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, motivated, and responsive!  He has extensive knowledge of the rules, requirements, and specific instrumentation features applicable to our plant.  He is very thorough and has followed through quickly on each and every question, comment, etc… I’ve had.

Overall, it’s been nothing but great working with him and I look forward to it in the future.


Jason Noelanders
Liquid Epoxy Novolac Production Engineer

The Dow Chemical Company


Here is my evaluation on Don:

Very knowledgeable and capable Instrument SIS Coach.  His work ethic is commendable.  He is always willing to go above and beyond to complete his tasks.  Excellent rapport with his customers and communicates his status on a frequent basis.

A joy to work with.  Definitely a team player.

Let me know if you need any additional information.



NA SIS Implementation Team Leader/Instrument SIS Coach


Dr. Summers,

I thoroughly enjoyed the SIL Verification class this past week.  Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to provide this instruction.  I found it extremely valuable.

Best Regards,

Patrick W. Uresti, P.E.


Saulsbury-Feagan/Midmar Hazop


Worked with Kent Mitchell this week on a PHA for Feagan’s Midmar gas treating and processing facility.
The effort was well conducted, Kent is very knowledgeable and thorough and easy to work with.
I think we all remained friends during the week!

I would look forward to his stewarding another PHA/Hazop and would recommend him to other clients.


Michael Kopplin, PE
Process Engineering Manager
Saulsbury Engineering & Construction, Inc
Odessa Tx

Midmar Gas PHA

Last week I had the pleasure to work with Kent Mitchell conducting the PHA on the new plant for Midmar Gas. He was very helpful and very professional in his job. He kept the team focused on the objectives and we completed the task ahead of schedule. It would be a pleasure to ask Kent back out to Odessa whenever needed for future business.

Thank you,

Tom Brown Plant Supervisor



“A great technical forum that provided new learning’s, an exchange of established practices and procedures and the introduction of new teammates. These opportunities can only help to drive forward good engineering practice for the management of safety instrumented systems”

Justin Ogleby, Solutia


Calcasieu Refining Company

I am emailing to inform you the great job your facilitator “Kent Mitchell” has done on several PHAs and LOPAs for our company. His ability to motivate our team to finish within the time allowed was greatly appreciated. I just wanted to let you know we were very satisfied with the quality of service given during these sessions.  We look forward to working with your company in the future. It was a job well done.

Martha Hardy Richard
PSM/DOT Compliance Coordinator
Calcasieu Refining Company, Lake Charles, LA.


Young Professionals

Hi Angela,

Just wanted to drop a line to thank you for presenting at the YP session last Friday. We have received very good feedback about your presentation. Good presentations like yours greatly contributed to the success of the conference which continues to be a popular resource to the Texas petrochemical industry.

Thank you again,

Brookhaven National Laboratory

Bill Hearn and SIS-TECH worked seamlessly with Brookhaven National Laboratory to provide a clear, concise safety integrity analysis of the proposed NSLS-II protection designs, including suggesting a modification that increased the design final effectiveness by more than 10X at low cost. He also suggested many modifications to the system that will improve the overall reliability that the system will achieve. Bill had the opportunity to present the results of the study to our management, they were satisfied with the results and left the meeting with a sense that the job was done accurately and was presented in a way that they could understand. I would use Bill for the next study that our facility requires.”

Scott Buda,
Sr. Project Engineer,
Brookhaven National Laboratory


I really appreciate all the time and effort that went into getting this SIS project completed on time.

We had a tight schedule to start with, and then it was made even tighter … I am very happy that you and the others in your company that worked on this project were able to come through for us. I have heard many people at this plant site make the comment that this project has been a success beyond their expectations … I know the project was only a success due to the major efforts made by you and all the others involved. Your skills were a true asset to this project and you have been a great resource to call on when Triconex issues have arised during the project.

I too look forward to continue to work with you and everyone else at SIS-Tech.”

Michelle Hancock
Plant SIS Technical Authority,

The Dow Chemical Company

We have been very happy with the SIS-Tech folks completing the DowGEP. The three guys (Kevin, Calvin, and Don) did an outstanding job and were very efficient and thorough.

From Janette Brightwell,
SIS Implementation Team Leader,
The Dow Chemical Company