The Instrument Reliability Network (IRN) is a network of companies interested in developing common tools and methods for collecting quality instrument reliability data. SIS-TECH realized that many companies struggle with the lack of comprehensive instrument taxonomy. To solve this problem we banded together with Dow and the Mary Kay O’Connor Process Safety Center (MKOPSC) at Texas A&M University to create the infrastructure for gathering statistically meaningful failure data. An IRN LinkedIn group has been established to ease communications, along with working subgroups for taxonomy, quality assurance, and value management.

IRN is open to all users, suppliers, contractors, and industry organizations that are able to contribute event data. Submitted data is anonymized using established protocols into one common database hosted by MKOPSC. Only contributing companies have access to this database.

We welcome proposals for data submissions, individuals that would care to support this effort by contributing their time to committee work, and attendance at the IRN Symposium held in parallel with the Texas A&M MKOPSC Instrumentation Symposium each January. 

There is a newly created IRN website:

IRN’s mission is:

To share historical information and lessons learned in order to minimize environmental harm, improve industry safety, maximize asset performance, reduce maintenance costs through better lifecycle management of instrumentation and controls applied in the process industry.

In alignment with this mission, our values are:

To benchmark current performance of instrumentation and controls in process industry applications. To define a common taxonomy to support consistent collection of quality data from maintenance and proof test activities. To share lessons learned in improving instrumentation and controls reliability.  

For more information contact

Valerie Green

Mary Kay O’Connor Process Safety Center