Burner Management System Smart

The DIAMOND-SIS® SMART BMS builds upon our base BMS package and provides an enhanced operator interface using general purpose PLC technology. The safety trip functionality of the DIAMOND-SIS® SMART BMS continues to use the Model 340 Alarm Module. This trip amplifier functions as an analog or discrete relay and can achieve SIL 3 performance depending on redundancy and voting. The Model 340 Alarm Modules provide step-by-step Purge, Pilot & Main Burner permissive, light-off sequencing, and safe-bypass facilities.

The diagnostic and communication functionality of the DIAMOND-SIS® SMART BMS is independent of the trip amplifier and is provided by a general purpose PLC. The PLC is not safety related, but provides system fault status to field and remote displays. Fault alarms include First Out Trip Alarm, transmitter failure, BMS sequence interrupt and deviation alarm.

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