Burner Management System

Boilers, heaters, and furnaces are considered critical equipment in most operating facilities, posing challenges to safe and reliable operation. Safety issues are generally related to burner light-off, loss of pass flow containment, and loss of flame. Even when safety is not a major concern, equipment criticality or replacement cost generally results in specification of protective functions to prevent equipment damage and downtime. The equipment reliability is also a high priority, making the avoidance of spurious trips a crucial design parameter.

The draft technical report ISA-TR84.00.05 Application of ANSI/ISA 84.00.01-2004 for Safety Instrumented Functions (SIFs) in Burner Management Systems (BMS) provides guidance on assessing which BMS protective functions should be implemented according to ANSI/ISA 84.00.01-2004 (IEC 61511). An analysis of the BMS logic solver often identifies deficiencies in its integrity and/or reliability, resulting in the need to upgrade it to achieve the required PFDavg and spurious trip rate.

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